Remedies for Acne, Acne Treatment and Prevention Tips

Acne is a condition that affects both teens and adults. Acne is caused by several factors including poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins and stress. There are various remedies for acne you may want to consider in order to stop acne outbreaks.

The first step is making changes that will help reduce and even prevent acne breakouts. One of the most commonly overlooked remedies (and a way to help prevent acne in the future) is to eat healthy. Whole grains, brown rice, green vegetables, apples and low-fat dairy products help prevent breakouts. Water is essential to good health. Water hydrates the skin and flushes out toxins that build up and contribute to acne breakouts. Sugar, caffeine, fatty and fried foods, white flour, peppers, and tomatoes can trigger an acne breakout. Reducing or eliminating them from your diet will help prevent acne.

In addition to eating healthy, there are natural supplements that can be useful as acne treatments and for preventing further acne outbreaks. A vitamin supplement with B-complex and antithetic will help with acne brought on by stress. Other supplements include evening primrose oil, milk thistle extract, zinc and vitamin C. Adults need to limit their intake of vitamin E and iodine because these two supplements can actually encourage your body to produce more oil.

Stress is a big factor when it comes to acne. Plenty of rest and exercise will help.

Once an acne breakout occurs there are various acne treatments one can apply to help with the healing process. You’ll find information about natural acne remedies and acne medications on this site.

Natural Acne Treatments

One natural acne treatment is to get about fifteen minutes of morning sun which is a good source of vitamin D. Another natural remedy for acne is to use tea tree oil, which is a natural antifungal and antibiotic. Just apply the tea tree oil directly on any open sores. Another remedy to use is papaya. Using the inside peel of a papaya, gently rub it on the infected area. Apple cider vinegar is yet another popular anti-acne remedy to help with the healing process. Apply it daily on the infected areas or sores.

Fresh pineapple will help heal scars left behind from acne. Gently rub fresh pineapple on the acne scars once a day. Other natural remedies to use besides the pineapple are aloe vera and lemon juice. When using these remedies, keep in mind to use only one remedy each day and to rotate them.

Acne Treatment Products

There are numerous commercial products available. The specific products are not important when choosing which remedies for acne to use. It is important to look at the active ingredients in the anti-acne medications. Benzoyl Peroxide gets rid of dead skin cells, but can irritate and dry out the skin. There are other ingredients that are also used in a number of acne medications that can be more effective and are not as harsh on the skin. These include Salicylic Acid, Inflacin, and Silicol Dioxide.