Adult Acne Treatments

Essentially, when adult acne is treated in a doctor’s clinic, it is called “acne surgery”. When done at home, many usually call it “squeezing pimples”. Well, these kinds of approaches to adult acne treatments get immediate results, but the problem is that squeezing pimples at home may trigger infection and the formation of scars. It may even be the cause of the spread. So never do it. Most of the doctors today employ treatments through a special sterile instrument that will aid in preventing scarring, infection, and the formation of new ones.

A number of acne treatments are also now lining the shelves of most local heath stores. As you may know, most of the drug stores today are loaded with all kinds of products claiming to be effective. With this diversity, finding the most effective treatment is not easy. Given this fact, it is critical that you understand that before opting for certain treatments, you should first know your skin type and the condition you h. It may even be well worth a visit to dermatologists since they often have samples to give you to try

One of the breakthroughs is the development of topical retinoic acid, which is actually a derivative of vitamin A. It is often thought that new slow-release forms of treatment greatly decrease the levels of irritation they can cause. Moreover, there are some treatments that target the various causes of acne. These include the azelaic acid cream, benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, alpha-hydroxy acids, antibiotic pills, Accutane or Sotret for acute acne, and even bill control pills for women.

Such treatments are sometimes used in combination with the hope that doing so can speed up the healing. However, just like some other treatments, they are also noted for having unfavorable side effects. For instance, the Accutane and Sotret can cause birth defects. So women who opt for this must be aware of this side effect and plan accordingly.