Advanced Colloidal Silver Acne Treatment

Advanced Colloidal Silver is a new acne treatment which differs considerably from the standard products that came before it. Colloidal silver is generally high in ions or have gel bases with solutions of silver nitrate. The majority of these products consist primarily of ionic silver. These have fewer silver particles, and these ingredients are a minimum of 10 nanometers but can be as big as 500 nanometers or more.

The Difference

In contrast, it is made up of about 20 percent ionic silver but 80 percent silver particles. These acne treatment particles are as small as 2 nanometers. The advantage of the miniscule particle size in the treatment of acne is that the surface area of the acne-fighting silver is greatly for any given concentration of the treatment. This makes it comparatively more effect in treating acne.

It has about 20 PPM of silver. This has been determined by a piece of equipment known as flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (more commonly known as FAAS.) Sometimes the PPM term is referred to as milligrams per liter (mg/liter.)

Colloidal Silver Treatments

Colloidal silver acne treatment products that are available commercially generally have a concentration that ranges between three and one thousand parts per million (referred to as PPM.) There are many instances in which these products with their higher concentrations are made up almost completely of ionic silver. Sometimes these particles are so big that the manufacturers have to add gelatin to the solution so that the particles won’t fall to the bottom of the solution. If a product has been treated with an addition of gelatin it is typically referred to as mild silver protein or just silver protein.

The treatment is a brown, highly concentrated solution of ultra tiny silver particles. It is the most potent form of acne treatment you can find anywhere. While most experience no taste when taking advance colloidal silver some users do say it tastes slight metallic. It can be ingested straight from its bottle. It is, however, highly concentrated, necessitating a daily dose of only one teaspoon. This makes it very economical.