Alternative Women’s Hair Loss Treatments

Suffering from hair loss can be quite a traumatic experience for both men and women. There are many treatments available, it’s choosing one that is the difficult part. You can choose to visit the pharmacy for advice, the supermarket for cosmetic treatments like specialist shampoos and conditioners, you can visit your salon for products or you can go online.

Quite often online you will find hair loss product reviews which can help to point you in the right direction. But then do you select the pharmaceutical option, go for surgery or choose to take advantage of natural products? It’s quite daunting and I wrote this article to highlight many of the alternative treatments and natural scalp treatments.

Herbs – A Natural Solution

Simply put, both women and men have testosterone in their bodies. It is an essential hormone that is present although sensitivity to testosterone, or increases in levels of it, can cause hair loss.

Thinning and even balding can occur from puberty, with the exclusion of some more serious conditions in childhood, and can occur for a large number of reasons. Treating the hairloss early is key to improving it and some people choose to take natural ‘remedies’ for thinning hair.

Natural herbs and vitamins can be used in many different ways, whichever way suits you the best. As everyone is very individual, what works for one person may not work for you so it is a matter of trial and error sometimes, but do your research and you will probably find what’s right for you the first time around. By getting advice from a store that specializes in herbal treatments for various ailments you will be well on your way to improving the condition of your scalp and hair, and hopefully improving its appearance and slowing down the rate of loss of hair.

Some herbs that spring to mind are those that can be used in aromatherapy:
Ylang Ylang; Rosemary; Lavender; Jojoba oil; Chamomile; Lemon

When the chosen ingredient is used, those on the above list have been proved to encourage re-growth significantly in thinning areas. What also helps is the smooth and gentle massaging action which is used to apply the aromatherapy oils – massage stimulates the blood circulation and therefore improves flow of blood to that area. You should really massage each and every time you shampoo, but ensure you apply only gentle pressure. You can visit a professional if you prefer, it’s very relaxing and highly recommended.

Alternatives to Natural Treatment

Other options are fairly drastic – surgery in which hair is transplanted can be costly and traumatic in itself. There are a few hair loss treatment centers which you will find on It is largely a cosmetic procedure and can lead to great results. You can opt for wearing a wig, or toupee, if your condition is fairly severe. This is a cheaper option than that of surgery, and you can swap and change your wig when the mood takes you. This can drastically improve your confidence but ensure you visit a professional so that the wig looks like your own hair.

Final Word

Please ensure that you visit your Doctor or Health Professional if you are concerned about your hair loss, or it is excessive. They are there to help you and you should never take any kind of medicine or herb without first consulting them as you may be endangering your health (some herbs and conditions do not mix, neither do some herbs and medicines so check it out before taking it).