Best Hair Growth Products

Loss of hair has been a problem faced by humans since time unknown and is still affecting humans today. Hair loss affects 25% men by the age of 30. Falling hair not only affects our looks, but can reduce our confidence levels too. Luckily for us, modern science today has started providing solutions to not only slow/stop this, but also to regrow some of the lost hair back. Let us look at some of the best hair growth products available in the market at the moment.

1) Minoxidil

Initially used for blood pressure control, minoxidil was found to be growing some lost hair back on the heads of the patients. Finding it to be a good idea, minoxidil 2% solution was created specifically for hair loss problems and it became the first and only hair product to be approved by FDA.

Marketed with the brand of Rogaine, minoxidil is available in many forms for both men and women and has helped thousands regain some of their lost hair. How it works exactly is not known but it is effective nonetheless.

2) Finasteride

Propecia FinasterideMarketed under the brands of Propecia and Proscar, finasteride is another very effective medication available in the market at the moment for stopping hair loss and gaining some of the lost hair back. It is generally recommended along with minoxidil as the first line of treatment.

Both have been shown to work synergistically and provide better results when used together than when used separately. The medication works by stopping the conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT is the main villain when it comes to hair loss. It starts shrinking the hair follicles and hence, leads to hair thinning until someday the hair stops growing back.

Blocking DHT is an effective way of stopping this process.

3) Nizoral shampoo (2% ketoconazole solution)

Nizoral shampoo contains ketoconazole, which is an effective anti-fungal and has been known to rid our head of dandruff. This, in turn, protects from loss of hair related to this reason.

This can be used in combination with other products and does not have any major side effect. Some trials have shown it to be not so safe for use by pregnant women. But, nothing conclusive has been proven.

4) Dutasteride (off label)

Dutasteride works in a similar fashion to finasteride. The only difference is that its effects last longer, which, by itself is a good thing. However, FDA has not approved it for treating baldness and hence, it is prescribed off-label only.

5) Pura d’or Premium Organic Shampoo

This shampoo, according to customer reviews, has even helped those who found Rogaine to be ineffective. This is mainly because it also works by blocking DHT and as I mentioned above, it is a big reason for hair fall, especially in men.

6) Biotin supplements

Biotin can be considered to be food for your hair and your nails. It helps them grow stronger and hence, stay longer. Though it does not directly block DHT, it has still been found effective by many people in preventing hair loss.

Try these products and see which one works best for you. Do consult your physician before you start using these products. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative, make sure to check out Procerin in addition to the above mentioned.