Primary Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Man Sleeping on DeskChronic Fatigue Syndrome, or burnout syndrome, is a disorder of the nervous system, and long-term fatigue is only one of the symptoms. If you suffer from this disorder, it’s possible that you are facing many other symptoms.

1. Inability to concentrate

Chronic physical and mental fatigue can cause cognitive problems when it comes to:

  • concentration
  • paying attention
  • memorization

David Ballard of the American Psychological Association says that our mind can handle stress in “short shocks” and return to normal. But, “when stress becomes chronic, the effects can be lengthy and it is difficult to focus on our tasks.”

2. Always having plenty to do

Always feel the need to work more? And more? According to a study from the University of Zaragoza, the stress victims are the ones who sacrifice their health and their personal lives for a job. These “patients” are too ambitious regarding their careers, and they risk destroying their future, and their health.

3. Feelings of guilt

You work non stop, but you never finish your work (you have too many things on your mind and you can not concentrate) finally, you feel guilty that you have not completed the work, which makes you toil more. The feeling of guilt is a sign of CFS.

4. Constant physical and mental exhaustion

You’re always tired because of stress, and inadequate sleep. You feel weak. Over time, the chronic stress can lead to serious health problems such as digestive conditions, heart diseases, depression and excessive weight gain.

5. Drastic changes in attitude

A report by the NASW Assurance Services Inc. shows that the exhaustion can cause you to lose sense of personal accomplishment and a certain “depersonalization,” alienation, and depression.

6. Cynical behavior

The cynicism is a shield against feelings. You do not want to prove your vulnerability. You feel that nothing would be better and you become cynical and pessimistic.

7. The need for a vacation all the time

In an article in Everyday Health, Edwin R. Shirley, professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University, says that “when you haven’ t enough energy to go over the day’s work, it could be a sign.” These employees take many holidays, and are often late for work.

8. Always getting sick

When you suffer from this condition, your immune system is weakened and you become more vulnerable to infections, colds, influenzas, etc…

9. Inability to fall asleep

When you feel so tired you can not sleep. Even if you manage to lay your head on the pillow, your sleep will be “compromised”. You wake up in the night, or earlier than you want.

10. You drink more than before

The tired employees tend to consume more food, more medicines and more alcohol. The stress can cause an addiction on this regard.

Other Symptoms

CFS is also associated with other symptoms such as headaches, muscular pain and cramps, insomnia, palpitations, weight loss, and excessive sweating.

Although it doesn’t represent an “official” medical condition, it is a challenge for the global health system. CFS may get worse because of physical or intellectual activities, but it can not be attenuated by the rest. If you believe you might be suffering from CFS, it is advised that you speak to a medical professional first before seeking out chronic fatigue syndrome treatment options online.