Corns And Calluses: What Are They And How Are They Treated?

The feet are the wheels of the body. Without them, the operator can’t go anywhere. When someone’s feet are in a rough, painful state, such as when they are afflicted by corns and calluses, they can be hesitant to even stand on them.

What Are Corns and Calluses?

Callused FeetCalluses are patches of thickened skin that form on sensitive parts of the feet. The areas, usually tender points, become susceptible because of repeated pressure and friction. These hardened areas, which get worse with time, can be very painful when weight is put on them.

Corns are a specific type of callus. They have a certain shape and are usually yellow around the margins, with a hard, gray interior. While calluses are found on the heels and balls of the foot, corns usually form near or around the toes.

How Are They Treated?

Corn and callus care is a 3-step process:

  1. The first step is cleaning. Feet get sweaty and dirty very easily. They need to be cleaned 2-3 times a week, outside of normal showering and bathing.
  2. The second step is moisturizing. Feet, because they are locked away in shoes and socks all day, must be freed and moisturized. The cream/lotion will keep them supple and healthy.
  3. The third step is to wear comfortable, form-fitting shoes.

Best Shoes to Wear

Nowhere on the body is friction more common than on the feet. Most shoes are mass-marketed and don’t fit everyone’s feet perfectly. This makes specific shoe buying vital.

When shopping for a comfortable pair of shoes, corn and callus sufferers need to keep their condition in mind. If the wearer has flat feet or plantar fasciitis, they will need a shoe with great arch support. If they have too much arch, they will need shoes with heel and ball control. Likewise, you may also want to check out ways to heal your plantar fasciitis first.

Walkers, runners and generally busy people have a hard time keeping their lives together when their main mobilization tool is under stress. To keep feet corn- and callus-free, follow the recommendations above. Keep feet clean, moist and in a pair of appropriate shoes.