Depression And Exercise Are Not Compatible

Exercising For DepressionDepression and exercise just do not mix. Exercise causes your body to produce endorphins, a hormone that is naturally made in your body and makes you feel good!

This is why they don’t mix, kind of like oil and water.

Exercising on a regular basis will cause your body to produce endorphins, and therefore make you feel good more regularly.

When I was a kid and through to my high school years, I exercised practically every day. I loved playing sports.

Soccer, football, basketball, baseball. I enjoyed playing sports more than anything in my life.

But once I started university, I basically gave up on physical activity until my 25th or 26th birthday.

I certainly did not know about the benefits of exercise on depression. Well, I didn’t know that I was developing depression either.

That birthday night I went out with a couple of friends and drank way too many beers, and didn’t move until about 5 pm the next day. It was a work day. I felt horrible. I guess I was experiencing a depressive episode in addition to a bad hangover.

I vowed then to turn my life around and start making changes. That wasn’t the only time… Since then though, I have exercised pretty regularly to the present day.

The best I ever feel is after I exercise.

So how can you start if you aren’t exercising? If you have someone you enjoy spending time with, maybe you can convince them to go on regular walks with you. That’s a good start.

How about getting an exercise bike? Getting on the bike every day for some cardiovascular exercise is probably the easiest way to get started producing endorphins, improving your health and feeling better.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, you might also want to consult a doctor prior to getting started. And definitely don’t push yourself too hard at first.

What I really like about exercising on the bike is that you can plant it in front of the TV if you want to watch the news at the same time.

Or better yet, start reading while you ride! Burn calories, release endorphins and start reading some of the depression books I have recommended. Educate yourself on depression and exercise at the same time!

I still do this to very day when I can’t get motivated to exercise, it’s the easiest possible way to exercise. Except I usually walk over to the local gym to do this as I feel it’s good to get outside for awhile everyday.

But once you get started and you are feeling the benefits of exercise, you can take it to the next level if you feel comfortable going to your local gym.

You’ll want to start changing your exercise program to keep you motivated and increase the benefits you receive from regular exercise.

But the important thing here is just to get started exercising, stimulate these endorphins, raise your metabolism and burn calories. Try the exercise bike – I think that’s an easy start.

Exercise and depression just don’t mix. Once you start feeling the positive effects of exercise, it becomes much more difficult for the depression to control you.