I View Depression and Procrastination as Being Evil Friends

ProcrastinationDepression and procrastination just make each other worse.

I know I have procrastinated for many reasons. Things I don’t want to do I simply put off. Familiar to you? : )

Especially those things that cost too much money. We all have an aversion to debt don’t we?

I have also felt that I already spend a lot of time doing things that I really don’t want to do.

My full time job for instance. There are things that I do enjoy about my career, but they seem to be few and far between these days.

But we all need the money for shelter and food don’t we?

So we trudge on and ignore what’s really bothering us.

The Problem

It stops us from doing. Just like fear can. If I put things off too long it stresses me out. If I do start doing them, it feels like a real unenjoyable chore. Seems like a lose-lose situation doesn’t it?

Well, not so really.

If I hadn’t started overcoming my fear about having depression or getting help, I wouldn’t be working towards accomplishing my goal to live the life that I want. It’s the same with procrastination.

Sometimes I procrastinate so little, I feel I don’t get enough rest. I find if I have some free time and don’t spend it continuing to build this web site, it can cause me some anxiety. Which isn’t good either.

I guess I’m saying don’t let procrastination stop you from dealing with your depression and your day to day activities. Putting too many things off just grows your to do list to the point where you won’t know where to begin.

But we all need rest! It might be very helpful for you to plan a manageable amount of personal self improvement time every week. Set a weekly goal like finding a book that interests you about depression. I’ve reviewed several which you can reach from this depression book. Next week your goal might be to read one.

You’ll feel good as you start setting more goals and accomplishing them. The pile will get smaller. Give it some time.

Unfortunately, depression does not just disappear. It takes work to reverse the feelings and habits as they took a long time to develop.

It’s very important to start reducing procrastination. Cut into your TV time!

Where is that getting you anyways?