Depression and Relationships Are Linked For Many of us

RelationshipThe link between depression and relationships begins with our families. For most, they are the biggest influence on our development as adults.I felt controlled as a child, which I believe was responsible for early developmental problems that I had.

I eventually submitted to this control, as the stress of punishment that my rebelling caused became too much to handle.

As a result, I didn’t develop the confidence necessary to make my own choices, and or learned life experience from making my own mistakes.

So I’ve felt that I haven’t lived my own life.

The link between the two doesn’t just stop with our upbringing. All relationships can be challenging!

We develop friendships with people who we share common interests with. Some of these interests can be very positive, like certain hobbies or exercise. But other common interests can be negative, such as those behaviors that could be causes of your depression or that contribute to it.

I shared the common interest or habit of drinking many beers with most of my friends for over a decade rather than focusing on improving my life. Since I have decided that I don’t want to do that anymore or nearly as frequently, I don’t see many of friends much anymore.

Involving friends and family in how you are feeling is a decision that needs to be taken seriously. Although it is important to have a good support network around you to help you through your recovery, friends and family can also contribute to the cause.

I confided in one of my friends many months ago and told him that I had depression and he said to me ‘Well, you better start taking medication.’ Another friend said to me ‘I’m still not convinced that you have depression’.

What did he expect, to be visiting me in bed or the hospital? I was a bit disappointed with these comments at first, but I knew they really didn’t understand it. Society does not generally understand this condition yet. I didn’t either before I started educating myself.

Many of the behaviors we learn that lead to depression can come from people close to us. Because of this link, it can be difficult to discuss these feelings with friends and family. I was recommended by a doctor to speak with a psychologist.

Speaking with a psychologist has really helped me to express and understand many of the thoughts and feelings that I have. A psychologist has no prior personal involvement with you, and will work with you putting your best interests at heart. I know they are expensive and it can also be intimidating at first. One option might be to consider an online eBook course like the Destroy Depression System as a start.