Symptoms and Causes of Depression

Depressed ManAre these signs of depression familiar to you?

  • Consistently feeling the ‘weight of the world’ on my shoulders.
  • Thinking I was going nowhere and had nothing to look forward in life.
  • Weeks and months would go by, and I would feel like nothing good had happened.
  • Looking at every day like a chore and getting no enjoyment from anything.
  • Having zero interest in maintaining friendship with anyone.
  • I would rarely answer the phone.
  • Getting out of bed every day became more and more difficult.
  • Some days I didn’t even go to work.

This is how I felt.

My depression symptoms slowly became worse and worse until they didn’t accurately describe what I was feeling anymore.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
I know now that these feelings were not rational at all and definitely not normal behaviour. Unfortunately, depression had such a control over my life I could not realize this.

I spent too long wondering if what I was feeling were actually depression symptoms. What does it matter?I knew something was wrong with my life, and I needed to fix it.

I offer you the same advice.

I waited for far too long, and unfortunately I only developed the courage to fight it when my symptoms of depression became so dehabilitating that I had no choice.

Finding The Causes Behind Your Depression

I’m sure you have found lots of information about potential causes of depression, if like me you have been searching the internet looking for answers One of the common causes is negative thinking behaviors.

I can trace these patterns of behavior in myself back to my relationship with my parents while growing up.

That’s not surprising is it? We spend the majority of our early lives with our parents (or guardians), so it’s not hard to believe that they are the biggest influence on our development as adults.

My depression and relationships are very related.

I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on aspects of this relationship, even blaming them for how I feel, and also dwelling on other choices I could have made when I was younger but didn’t.

Why did I choose the career I chose? (My depression and career are also linked.) Why I didn’t take more time off when I was younger to enjoy life more?

I would think these negative thoughts and it did me no good at all. It didn’t make anything better sitting around dwelling about how I was unhappy with my life. It only makes depression worse.

Do you find yourself dwelling negatively about personal relationships or situations in your life? Take a moment and think about it. I didn’t realize it at the time.

If you’ve found that you do think negatively as I did, there are many skills you can learn from Conquering Stress to change these patterns of thinking. When I find myself thinking negatively about something, I force myself to look at things from all sides to make sure I’m keeping an open mind.

This particular skill really started to change my patterns of thinking into focusing on the positive and not the negative.

I’m not saying here that a tendency to dwell negatively is the cause of everyone’s depression. But it is definitely a common theme.

Think about it. Life as a whole is generally the same for most of us here in the United States (and Canada). So why is it that some of us develop depression and some don’t? I’m sure you can think of someone that is worse off than you are that is much happier. It really does have a lot to do with how we look at life.

Why would I have suffered from depression? I’ve completed a post-graduate university degree, I have a well-paying career, I am financially secure, I am generally good looking. You see? I choose now to focus on the positive things. Life really is what we make of it.

Eliminating Depression

Once I started to believe this and realized I needed to change my outlook life, I started to take action and figure out what my other causes were.

I’m not saying that I have all the answers, but reading the Destroy Depression System really opened up my eyes and gave me the skills I needed to start removing these causes of depression from my life. Educating myself about depression and the thinking habits people develop was definitely one of the important steps in bringing me back to where I am today.