Diet and Depression Are Related Like Body and Mind

Healthy DietEating poorly on a regular basis made me feel worse about myself and contributed to my depression.

I had less energy because I wasn’t getting proper nutrition.

It became more difficult for me to get exercise.

I gained weight which I was reminded of everyday in the morning when I looked in the mirror before I took a shower.

Diet and depression are linked because once you start losing faith or hope in life, you don’t concern yourself with trying to be healthy.

But the body needs proper nutrition so that we can feel good physically and fight this condition!

Diet May be a Direct Cause

Everywhere you look, in TV, movies, magazines, there are men and women that society considers to be perfect. The social pressure in our society to look a certain way is enormous and overwhelming to some.

So it is easy for us to feel dissatisfied with how we look. There are many of us who obsess over our appearance who aren’t overweight at all.

Dieting With Depression

However, the facts are that obesity rates are at record highs and continuing to increase year after year. So for those of you who actually do need to diet, do not try the countless diet programs out there that promise the loss of unrealistic amounts of weight in short periods of time.

They might work in the short term, but most of them cannot be maintained.

And if you are already unhappy with your appearance, and one of these quick diets doesn’t work, or worse it works only for a little while, it can feel like failure. We don’t need this when we are dealing with symptoms of depression.

Developing good eating habits takes time. But it’s important because your body needs a healthy diet to feel good, and your mind needs a healthy body to feel good. This is the very important link between these 2 seemingly unrelated things.

Try to improve your diet one step at a time. Changing behaviors takes time and is easier to do step by step.

You’ll succeed as long as you continue to persevere!