How Drinking Water Can Cause Hair Loss

Drinking Tap WaterIf you are trying to stay healthy then you might have read somewhere that drinking lots of water is the way to prevent hair loss. The theory is that staying hydrated keeps your scalp and skin healthy and also keeps your circulatory system in tip top shape. The circulatory system is made up of mostly water that is needed to swiftly carry nutrients to your scalp’s hair follicles so you can grow thick lustrous locks.

However, ironically the very substance that is supposed to cleanse our system of toxins now contains it. This means that it is not such a good idea to drink a lot of water unless you know what is in it.

Toxins in Water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States drinking water that contains certain toxic compounds can most certainly cause hair loss.

One of these contaminants responsible is selenium ore. It finds its way into the water system via printer ink and other components from photocopier waste and petroleum refineries.

Another toxin that is found in our water supply is mercury. This element directly causes hair loss. If you are losing a lot of hair and also have frequent nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, tingling in the hands and feet, mysterious headaches and dizzy spells then it is possible that you are experiencing toxicity from mercury poisoning.

There are many other things in water that can cause your hair to fall out. Sometimes water travels through old lead pipes and picks up the lead. The result is hair loss. Zinc, aluminum, arsenic and thallium are all toxic substances that even in tiny amounts can lead to total loss of hair.

It does not matter where you live it is likely that your water contains some kind of toxin. The EPA says that most tap water and well water sources in the U.S. are not safe for drinking or washing simply because they do contain so many chemicals and heavy metals. Almost all of the substances found in our water sources that are toxic can lead to hair loss. However, how bad this will be for you might depend on where you are located geographically as some water sources are more polluted than others.

The Drinking Water Solution

Thankfully it is quite easy to remove toxins from water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using a reverse osmosis unit like a Brita to help filter toxins out of the water. This means you can drink all of the water you want so you can keep well hydrated.

Ideally you can also install a large reverse osmosis water purification system. Some are very sophisticated and thorough and will remove up to 99% of all toxins in your drinking water.

Unfortunately it is a lot harder to protect your skin and scalp from coming into contact with these chemicals by showering or bathing. Sometimes all you can do is buy a filter that can help protect you from some of the damage that can be caused by zinc, mercury, arsenic and thallium.