Echinacea – Acne Cure or Myth

Acne has a number of different treatments including a number of effective herbal remedies. Among the many herbal remedies available, Echinacea acne treatment stands out as a particularly effective option. As you can probably tell from the name, this herbal treatment is made from the leaves, roots, and flowers of the Echinacea plant.

Basic Info About Echinacea

EchinaceaThe Echinacea plant is categorized as being a part of the daisy family, Aseracea and is also named the purple cone flowers. Plants such as this have very showy heads and is very much like a common variety daisy that has a blooming seasons the early part to late summer. Some people will plant this in their garden just for show while some will grow it to harvest it for a remedy towards acne.

This plant contains many natural substances that aid in the treatment of acne as well as benefits to your body in general. Some of the benefits of Echinacea include:

Strengthening the immune system to help the skin resist acne-causing bacteria. This happens due to your white blood cell activity being increased and the blood vessel walls becoming stronger.

Cuts Down on Inflammation

Helps keep the skin safe from sun damage, which can lead to an onset of a breakout. However, sunlight can be very helpful in healing, but you must find the correct balance.

You can use Echinacea as a supplement by itself or take it along with an herb called goldenseal. Both of these will fight to eliminate Propionbacterium present in your skin. This bacteria is thought to be one of the types of bacteria that causes acne.

Forms of Echinacea and Their Benefits

If you wish to use Echinacea as an acne treatment, you must take it often in one of its different forms. You can consume this herb in the form of supplements or apply it to affected areas using topical treatments that contain Echinacea like creams, lotions, or even gels.

Echinacea supplements come in capsules and pills, thus, making for easy consumption. The recommended dosage is based on age range and like all medications, must be followed in order to avoid overdosing. Usually, acne-prone individuals are advised to take one pill, three times a day for 8-11 days.

You can even find Echinacea teas that have goldenseal in them as well. This tea is safe to drink as much as you want since it is only tea, but with added healing benefits.

Echinacea topical applications are directly applied to the skin. It’s also recommended that in addition to this, you take some form of internal treatment as well. That way, you get the benefit of direct application of the treatment externally coupled with internal consumption of the same herb, speeding up the healing process.

If you happen to have a very severe form of acne you can always use a Echinacea compress. At first this might sting a little bit but it is completely normal the first time around. However, the stinging sensation subsides quickly and is tolerable. If you wish to make the compress you will need to spread 300ml of Echinace on a cotton cloth, fold so that the herb is in the center, and then compress it to the afflicted area.

Will Echinacea Cure Your Acne?

The answer is yes and no. Yes because it will help treat and heal your acne thanks to its many beneficial properties. However, if you live an unhealthy lifestyle it is likely your condition will come back over time.