Female Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Hairloss

It isn’t just every day folk who suffer with hair loss. Just like the rest of us, well-known women celebrities also have suffered from it. The fact that it has happened to some of the most beautiful, strongest and intelligent women in the world should be of some comfort to those who feel they are really suffering in terms of their self image.

Celebrities Who Suffer From Traction Alopecia

There are many celebrities out there who have admitted they once ruined their hair due to “traction alopecia.” Famous victims who have had their hair fall out due to too much tugging, pulling and braiding include the model Naomi Campbell and the singer Fergie from the Black Peas.

As Rachel in Friends, Jennifer Aniston was famous for her beautiful hair. She now refers to it as the “stupidest hair in the world” simply because it was created with hair extensions that have since caused her balding in places. According to Aniston, nothing destroys your hair faster or gives you bald patches as much as extensions.

Another famous star that was spotted with the round bald patches due to traction abuse is Christina Aguilera.

Perhaps one of the most famous sufferers of premature balding due to “traction alopecia” was Farrah Fawcett who in the seventies was very well known for her beautiful tresses. Apparently she was quite bald in the back of her head and in later life needed hair extensions to make her hair look full and normal

Celebrities Who Lost Hair from Relaxers

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous examples of someone who lost ALL of her hair after having it chemically straightened so she would look more attractive on air. This incident, which she has recounted several times, happened during the first weeks she was on air at her first job in Chicago. All of Oprah’s hair fell out and she had to wear a wig on camera for weeks.

Another celebrity that has admitted damaging her hair to the extent that she must wear wigs because of damage from hair straighteners is Oprah Winfrey.

Celebrities Who Have Lost Hair Due to Pregnancy

There are several women celebrities who have admitted to hair loss during pregnancy. A very famous example is Geena Davis who talked openly about the way she lost hair due to hormonal changes when she was pregnant with her first child. The crisis prompted her to wear hair pieces to look great on the red carpet.

Other stars that have suffered visually obvious hair loss during pregnancy include Debra Messing, Cate Blanchette, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dixie Chick Natalie Maines.

Pregnancy related hair loss tends to occur close to the hairline, more around the ears and near the temples.

Celebrities Who Have Lost Hair Due to Age

Dolly Parton has admitted to having to wear wigs since 2002 simply because she became older and her hair started getting thinner. Joan Rivers also uses hair extensions and hair pieces for the same reason.

So you see if you have thinning hair and are losing your hair you are actually in some pretty glamorous company.