Long Term Complications of Flat Feet

Flat FeetA flat foot occurs when there is no arch on the inside of the foot, causing the entire foot to touch the ground when standing. Individuals with flat feet may incur complications such as knee and ankle pain, tendonitis, back problems, shin splints, and even plantar fasciitis.

Knee and ankle problems may develop because the ankles are forced to turn inwards causing the alignment of the legs to be thrown off. While infants are born with flat feet, arches generally develop as the feet grow throughout childhood; however, some people may never experience the development of an arch.

It is also possible that the arch may fall over a period off time. People who have previously had an arch may experience problems through years of wear and tear that may weaken the posterior tibial tendon.

Risk Factors and Symptoms

Some flat-footed people may never experience problems while others may find it difficult to participate in physical activities such as jogging or sports. Common risk factors that may contribute to this foot condition include obesity, traumatic injury, aging, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain in the heel and arch area, swelling around the ankle, and difficulty or the inability to stand on tiptoe are all signs and symptoms of flatfeet. Acquiring shoes with arch support is a great way to train the feet to develop an arch.

New Balance shoes can help provide support to help ease the pain associated with flat feet. Unlike heavy shoes that can weigh down the feet, New Balance shoes are designed to be as lightweight as possible to help reduce soreness of the feet and ankles.

Addressing The Pain

Foot pain should be addressed as quickly as possible so damage to the feet is minimal.

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In most cases, flat-footed people do not require any surgical procedures and may benefit greatly from arch training. New Balance shoes offer a wide variety of shoes to choose from that is designed to fit any type of lifestyle.

Lightweight design, a variety of styles, and arch training support whenever they are worn are what New Balance offers to those who suffer from the complications of condition.