Good Foods For Depression

Foods for depression are those that provide you with certain vitamins and minerals, or affect body neurotransmitter levels help to reduce depression symptoms.

I find that when I am sticking to a good healthy diet I feel much better. Here are some of my personal dietary habits:

  • Good Food For DepressionHave at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Fruits and vegetables are a main part of every meal and snack for me.
  • Drink water regularly throughout the day. I used to drink too much coffee (and alcohol) and this would dehydrate me. Your body needs to be hydrated to function properly. (By the way, dehydration also causes bad breath.)
  • Eat low-fat dairy products. Yogurt, cottage cheese and skim milk are good choices. I frequently eat low-fat cottage cheese mixed with fruit or I blend fruit with low-fat yogurt and skim milk into a healthy shake. It’s a good source of protein as well.
  • Limit simple carbohydrates. They include white breads, pastas, rices and definitely sugar. They cause fast blood sugar spikes and although this will give you energy temporarily, it causes you to come down quicker and craving more. Substitute them with complex carbohydrates, which are good foods such as whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice.
  • Limit junk food. Especially soft drinks which are high in sugar and caffeine. Junk food is usually also high in calories and fat, and has zero nutritional value.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is a depressant that slows your metabolism and ability to burn calories. Hangovers can have a very negative effect on your emotional state. Caffeine also contributes to those ups and downs that you can feel throughout the day. Both also will dehydrate you.

You can still indulge on your favorite foods, just once in awhile.

I love pizza! I still eat pizza, just not as much. I also now eat vegetarian pizza to help me reach my daily five serving minimum of fruits and vegetables. I also look for restaurants that use a whole wheat crust.

I used to drink a lot of alcohol, too much frankly, and mostly beer. Now I only enjoy a beer or two with my friends and not in excessive quantities. I’ll have a glass of wine or gin and soda at home. (There is no sugar in soda water unlike many carbonated alternatives.)

Eating right and maintaining a good diet takes discipline. But it also requires education. Consider getting a nutrition book or a good guide on depression to help you make healthy decisions.