Why Do Women Over 50 Lose Their Hair

Over half of women who live past the age of fifty experience hair loss of either a permanent or temporary nature. There are a lot of different reasons why this can happen.

Genetic Cause

Male vs Female Pattern Baldness DiagramSome women over the age of fifty develop a condition called androgenetic alopecia which affects 85% of women who complain of hair loss after this age. This is a genetic disposition which just cannot be altered. The follicles of the hair shrink which causes their hair to fall out. The texture of the hair may also degrade and lose it’s pigment.

Derived Hair Disorders

If you have been battling a health problem,  your body is more likely to let go of the energy it spends nourishing your hair and spend the energy it on healing your disease. “Derived hair disorders” are ones that are caused by diabetes, heart disease, liver diseases and the medications that are used to treat them. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium.

Alopecia Areata

This is an auto-immune disorder that causes the cells of the body to attack their own hair follicles. This in turn causes their hair to fall out. This type of baldness manifests in women as circular bald patches on the scalp. The woman may not appear to be sick in any other way. The only symptom she may have of a lowered immune system that is related to age is that her hair is falling out.

Hair Styling Catches Up With You!

The more you have been torturing your hair with dye, straightening , perms and other types of processing over the span of your life time, the more likely you are to lose it.

Yet another cause of stress on the scalp, that is not as extreme but it is there, is using tight bands or clips that pull your hair out of your scalp. Hair extensions can also be another cause.

Quite simply the older you are the more your hair will have been subjected to this type of abuse, especially if you have been living your life as a bit of a style victim.


A doctor or hair expert will probably recommend what is most appropriate for your type of hair loss. For instance, if it’s caused by hormones then you may be given hormone therapy as a remedy. Sometimes you are prescribed topical solutions or prescription drugs.

More good news for women is that those who lose hair after 50 is not as serious as it can be in men. It is also more socially acceptable for women to things like attach hair pieces, falls or extensions to their remaining locks so it can appear thicker.

Women over fifty also can really benefit from taking hair vitamins and supplements and using organic shampoos. It is a really good idea to stay away from chemicals and to exercise every day to keep yourself healthy.