Do High Protein Diets Cause You to Lose Your Hair?

Protein is a vital to your overall health but it is especially important for the health of your hair. Without protein and the vital chain of amino acids that it is composed of we lose our locks. Altogether there are 22 amino acids that can combine to form different acids that can help create blood, skin, nails and skin.

High Protein DietWithout protein our immune systems do not work as well. That is because protein regulates the balance of acids and water in our bodies. We need this balance in our system or the body is not able to make the antibodies we need to fight off disease.

However it is possible to go overboard with excessive protein consumption. Eating too much of it, especially in the form of dairy or meat can cause kidney stones, stroke, heart disease and bone weakness.

How Much Protein Do You Need a Day?

The average North American female eats about twice as much protein as she really needs. Once she goes on a high protein diet she is probably going to be consuming four times the required amount. This really does screw up your health as you only need between fifty and sixty grams of protein making up ten to twelve percent of your total calories to stay healthy.

To figure out how much protein you need to stay health multiply .36 grams of protein per each pound of you weight. The optimum amount you need to have healthy hair.

How High Protein Diets Ruin Your Hair

One of the reasons that people are able to achieve weight loss on high protein diets is because it causes temporary loss of pounds due to water loss. When too much protein is consumed the body reacts by pumping lots of water into the kidneys to try and pump out toxins. The toxins caused by eating excessive protein include uric acid and urea which are the by-products of metabolizing meat and airy. The diuretic response of the body to this also leeches essential minerals from the body, such as zinc and calcium that are essential to healthy hair. In fact, research shows that females lose about 1.75 milligrams of calcium in the urine for every 1 gram increase in meat that is eaten.

If you must be on a weight loss diet like this then try to consume it in the form of plant based soy proteins like soy and quinoa.

Yet another issue is that many high protein diets are also based on calorie deprivation. This will throw an ordinary women’s body into a state that can only be called “emergency mode.” When the body thinks it is starving it stops sending nutrients to places that are not essential to life such as the hair follicles and sends it to other organs in your body instead. This is why one of the symptoms of anorexia and bulimia is almost always thinning hair, bald spots or total temporary or permanent hair loss!