Specific Homeopathic Remedies For Hair Loss in Women

Homeopathic Treatment For Hair LossHomeopathic remedies for hair loss in women are usually very targeted to address a specific symptom. There is not one blanket remedy to help grow hair. Instead the remedy is prescribed according to the way the hair may be falling out and the situation that might be causing it.

The remedies are dispensed from little plastic tube shaped bottles in the form of white pellets that you will be instructed either through the label or the homeopath to take a certain number of times a day.

Here is a convenient list of symptoms and situations to do with female hair loss that might help guide you to selecting the right remedy.

  • If you are very young person who has yet to reach adolescence then the best remedy is Baryta Carbonica.
  • If your hair is falling out in patches then Phosphorus is the best remedy for you. Phosphorus is also the best remedy to try if your hair is dry or if it is falling out at the forehead or if it is falling out in handfuls or every time you brush your hair.
  • If hair is falling out of the back of your head then Carbo Vegetabilis or Petroleum is the remedy. Petroleum is also the remedy if you are losing your hair and you are also going through menopause. Carbo Vegetabilis also used if your hair is falling out after childbirth.
  • If hair feels weak, or brittle then Kali Carbonicum is the hair loss remedy to try.
  • If it is emotional stress, such as extreme grief that is making your hair fall out then Phosphoricum Acidum is the remedy you should try.
  • If it looks like dime shaped patches then Hydrofluoricum Acidum is the remedy to try.
  • If pregnancy is the cause, then you will want to try the homeopathic remedy known as Lachesis.
  • If it is falling out only at the sides of your head then Lycopodium Clavatum is the homeopathic remedy that is recommended. This is also the remedy that is recommended if you want a bit of extra shine.
  • If the hair loss only occurs at the temples then remedy that is used is called Natrum Muriaticum.

As you can see there are remedies in homeopathy that are quite specific when it comes to a diagnosis. The challenge is to find the right remedy. Sometimes it can be expensive going to a naturopath or homeopathic specialist but often it takes quite an examination to find the right remedy to take. Prescribing these remedies to yourself can be a bit of a “hit and miss” proposition. Usually when you have found the right remedy they tend to work immediately; this is not the kind of cure that takes a number of months.