A Mention of Over The Counter Hair Loss Products

I wrote this article with the intention of making you stop and think, that is if you haven’t already, about the different choices available to you as a consumer and to attempt to highlight the difference in products and how they will work for you.

Purchasing any kind of hair loss ‘solution’ can be fairly daunting as there seem to be so many products on the market that claim to ‘medically solve’ these problems in men and women, or promise miracle cures for balding and thinning. There are more options to think about too, even before you hit the actual products – which route do you intend to follow, be it visiting your Doctor for prescription medications, buying over-the-counter hair loss treatments, or following the path of drug-free treatments.

Most Effective Treatments for Hair-Loss

Undoubtedly, the most effective treatments, no matter what your gender, are those that can offer you medically proven results. These products are those that are bought or supplied on prescription from your General Practitioner / Doctor, or your dermatologist or pharmacist. Also, any product bought over the counter (be it at your local pharmacy or superstore) that states ‘medicated’ must have been tested and have some basis for that claim.

The strongest treatments that can be used when trying to overcome, or improve, hair loss and scalp problems are those supplied on prescription. Your Doctor can inform your pharmacist of the intensity of the treatment so that the chemicals can be mixed in proportion to your needs.

Over The Counter Solutions

There are so many over the counter hair loss products, including those you see on a daily basis on the web, it is very hard to say that the chemicals found in the products or in fact the claims made by the supplying website are even regulated. With this varying degree of information available to you, the perfect choice for you is to visit your Doctor first to obtain recommendations. By doing this, you are seeking medical help for a medical illness and the recommendations made are from a trusted source. Researching the chemicals found in the products you are advised to take can then lead you to find your own preferred products that contain those chemicals – Minoxidil, Finasteride and Thymuskin are all regulated ingredients and are safe to use, but one may not be safe for a pregnant woman or for children or the elderly.

Do remember that when buying from the internet, unfortunately some sites are set up but are hard to trace when things go wrong, or the suppliers are backed up by small print that is hard to find on the site you are visiting. Basically, the point I am trying to make is visit a professional, talk through your problem, and beware of false claims if you really must go down the route of purchasing over the counter products without any prior knowledge. When in doubt, stick to products that have 100% natural ingredients like Procerin. Even then, you should still consult a professional first to see if the product is suitable for you.