My Personal Depression Treatment

My primary depression treatment during my twenties was alcohol. I would drink regularly and in excess on weekends and sometimes during the week.

Let me tell you, treatment with drugs and alcohol doesn’t work.

Alcohol just made it easier to ignore my mind telling me there was something wrong with my life. It dulled my depressive emotions.

But depression is persistent, and was the end result of ignoring all of the unrealized thoughts and feelings that had slowly built up inside of me.

So I’ve now learned from my alcohol abuse that things do not get any better no matter how hard you try to ignore them. And alcoholism is very common with depression, especially with men.

What might avoidance do to you? Cause anxiety, panic attacks, outbursts of violence?

I’ve already seen this happen to others I know.

What did I finally do about it? I took action.

One day, after a suffering a serious depressive episode, I went online and started looking for any help I could find. I was beginning to feel like a victim and just couldn’t live with it any longer.

I found this eBook by James Gordon. I took a chance and bought it.

It was the best decision I’ve made.

After I finished reading it, I found that my mind was swimming with new and positive ideas on what I could do to turn my life around. I still refer to it to this day.

With education, I’ve really felt like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It has removed my feelings of being helpless. I also began seeing a psychologist, although I must admit I was scared at first. But it was another great decision.

My psychologist has really helped me to pay attention to my emotions and identify the aspects of my life that I was unhappy with.

If you don’t feel you are ready to speak with a psychologist, try an online consultation. You might be surprised to find out how much you better you feel just writing about your thoughts. I find writing to be very therapeutic.

As I started to understand the nature of my condition, I was able to identify other changes I needed to make in my life to be heathier and happier like:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet to ensure I was getting proper nutrition;
  • Getting regular exercise to feel good and improve my health; and
  • Realizing that I was bored with my life and needed to consider a career change.

I also began taking a natural herb to help relieve my symptoms in the short term.

And in doing all of this, I learned a very important life skill.

When I realize there is something in my life that I am unhappy about, without hesitation I now work to change it. I was never this way before.

But isn’t that what were supposed to do when faced with problems – find solutions?