Proactiv Acne Treatment Review

Proactiv Solution is an acne treatment that has been endorsed by many celebrities such as Vanessa Williams. This solution is a three-step system that has been designed to clear up acne and prevent any future breakouts and do this by using this product for five minutes each day.

This product has been tested with over 500 people before marketing the product to consumers. This product also works on facial and body acne and for several years has been used safely for adults as well as teens.

The makers of Proactiv say that “over 85% of people with mild to moderate conditions will see improvement within 3-6 weeks.”

What makes this product so effective for some is that if it is used consistently on a daily basis, results will be seen. The solution will not cure your problem, but will help promote and maintain clear skin.

It can be purchased in stores or online at the Proactiv website. The price ranges from $16.00 for four ounce bottles, repairing lotion at $22.00 and a 3-Piece 30-Day Trial System for $19.95.

As with most treatments for this condition, it’s gotten some good reviews from some but receive bad reviews from some who have problems. So, as with any facial product, caution should be made before purchasing.

Proactiv should only be considered as a temporary solution. It has been found to help minimize acne but because one’s face is always exposed to the elements, it should not be looked upon as a cure. In addition, some have noticed some side effects such as itchy skin, dry and flaky skin and skin that turns red.

But, if you’re experiencing a lot of breakouts and are seeking some relief, Proactiv will give you some relief