Supplements and Extra Vitamins – A Hair Loss Miracle

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking – a miracle cure? For my hair loss? Well, that’s not really the point of this article. Whilst doing some research all based on hair loss and why we suffer from it, I continuously spotted websites promoting various products as ‘miracle cures’ and remedies, but surely people aren’t taken in by this nonsense?

You would be awfully surprised what some people read and are lead to believe. Once they are logged onto a site, they read into the weird and wonderful ways that certain companies attempt to sell you their product. They are very clever, mainly using the technical basics about why we lose hair and why men and women can suffer from hair loss, but injecting their text with a little bit about this new miracle hair loss products so, by the end of the page, you are easily drawn in and believe that this product is right for you.

A word of advice – if you are doing your own research into natural supplements, or any other hair loss treatment, then first go to a trusted source, try visiting the website of the Health Professionals in your country, or best of all why not visit your Doctor. If you have serious concerns about your health in general you would visit your Doctor for medicine and trusted advice, so please do this if you have concerns about premature or excessive hair loss that you are unsure about.

In most cases, a hair loss condition is a progressive condition that will not improve. You can choose prescription medicines, visit your pharmacy for over the counter treatments, or buy cosmetic and medicated treatments from the Supermarket or your salon.

Avoiding medications like this altogether should be discussed with your Doctor if the cause of your condition is due to other underlying causes (other than age/genetics) such as stress, medications, or illness.

Some people however, do opt to take natural supplements like Procerin, as well as their normal medication but do be aware that some herbs can react with existing medications and cause further problems. Some natural treatments for hair loss are also unsuitable for some people so consult the professional before changing your diet or adding supplements to it.

Good examples of vitamins to take to help slow down the thinning process, or improve it in the early stages, are:

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Zinc
  • Omega III

Lack of iron, protein and zinc can be present in those who follow a vegetarian diet, and iron and zinc deficiency can be seen in those that specifically do not eat red meats.

Protein is found in most of our shampoos as it has been proven for decades to stimulate growth of hair and nails, and Omega III oils are found in fish and those lacking in this nutrient can be found in those countries that do not eat plenty of fish – those following a European usually have sufficient levels of Omega III in their diet.