How to Slow Down Hair Loss And Get Thicker Hair

Relaxed HairHair loss affects countless men and women all over the world. The main cause for both men and women is hereditary or pattern. Known as male pattern baldness & female pattern baldness in each gender respectively, it affects 70% of men & 40% of women worldwide. 95% of cases are caused by this one single problem.

It can start as early as puberty and while men also see receding hairline, both genders start to see thinning of hair. This is the most visible effect and is what we typically see. This thinning is caused by DHT which attacks sensitive hair follicles and causes them to shrink. Avoiding this thinning can cause your hair to look thicker and you can avoid the actual loss for a long time. So, how to get thicker hair? Here are some ways:

1) Block DHT From Your Scalp

Most of the thinning on our scalps is caused by DHT interacting with hair follicles. So, it must be obvious to anyone that blocking DHT is the answer to avoid the thinning. However, it is an important hormone, especially for men, and is responsible for muscle gain, muscle preservation, libido and facial hairs. Hence, blocking it fully is not ideal for men.

This is why a perfect solution is to block DHT from the scalp and preventing it from interacting with your hair follicles. Finasteride and dutasteride are two medications that help men as well as women stop thinning by blocking DHT. They have also been shown to help regain some of the lost hair. Women need to careful with them though and must avoid the 5% medications which is made specially for men.

2) Avoid Chemicals, Especially Sulfate

Many chemicals used in shampoos are known to drain hair of the naturally produced oil which is important to keep it oily and hence, healthy and thicker looking. This is why daily washes should be avoided, especially in women. You should wash it 2-3 times in a week if you have dry hair. If it’s oily, washing it 3-4 times would be ideal.

Avoid shampoos with sulfate. Ideally, go for Nizoral shampoo which contains Ketoconazole, which attacks dandruff and keeps your hair healthy. Thus, it helps prevent further hair loss and maintain its health.

3) Massage Your Scalp

Lack of blood flow to the scalp can be one of the reasons of dying hair follicles. Try to avoid this by increasing blood flow to your scalp and hence, to your follicles by massaging your hair. Use massage oils like Tropic isle strong roots oil for hair growth that stimulates growth by increasing blood flow.

4) Provide Important Nutrients

Provide important vitamins and minerals to your body. Iron and Biotin are very important for your hair. Make sure your diet contains enough of both. If you find your diet lacking either or both, go for supplements. Remember that strong hair are less likely to fall out and they will naturally look stronger, thicker and fuller.

Use the above tips individually or with each other to see best results. Consult your physician for personalized advice.