UVB Phototherapy For Vitiligo

Phototherapy BedThough nobody really knows for sure how exactly it works, the general idea behind this treatment is to re-pigment your white skin patches by stimulating the melanocytes into producing more melanin. This way, your natural skin color can be restored. The treatment is carried out using Ultraviolet B (UVB) light.

Why Narrowband UVB Phototherapy?

In comparison to PUVA phototherapy, which is also considered as a successful treatment for Vitiligo, Narrowband UVB Phototherapy has proven to be more beneficial in terms of effectiveness and safety.

In fact, this treatment has an outstanding success rate and is widely recommended as the best treatment option for any age group.

Moreover, this therapy is reported to have shown minimal to no side effects and is thus, well tolerated by everyone.

What is The Success Rate?

Narrowband treatment has an excellent success rate and the patient’s response to this treatment has been really immense over the years. According to doctors, patients who respond well to this treatment can achieve more than 90% re-pigmentation within a year.

How Long Before Positive Results Start to Show?

In the initial stages of the treatment, you might need to get the phototherapy done thrice a week on nonconsecutive days. However, it can be reduced to twice a week or less, once you have obtained 75% repigmentation. And what more, these treatments can be even done at the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of home photo-therapy options available today. However, according to doctors, clinical phototherapy treatment is a better choice, as it provides more flexibility and treatment options for a wide range of Vitiligo conditions.