Treatment For Vitiligo – What They Don’t Want You to Know

Clasped Hands in The ShadowVitiligo is a non-contagious skin condition that currently affects over 100 million people worldwide irregardless of gender or race. It can strike at any time, causing white patches of skin to appear on various body parts.

These white patches can spread at varying speeds. For some people, it’s a slow and gradual process that happens over the course of many years, while for others, it can happen in a matter of days.

If you are reading this article, then you probably already know how debilitating this can be on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

The good news is that after reading this article, you’re going to learn about a step-by-step system that’s been shown to be effective for treating vitiligo at home, and doesn’t involve any invasive or expensive medical procedures.

The Biggest Issue With Medical Treatments

A lot of the medical treatments for vitiligo right now are expensive, and worst yet, not as effective as you might think; but they still pose a fairly high risk of side effects. And usually, the reason why so many people still turn to these ineffective methods of treatment is because of desperation and a perceived lack of alternative options. They’re willing to pay just about anything for a chance to be cured not knowing that there are better ways.

Every single year, big pharmaceutical companies headline their “new and improved” (and even more expensive) medical treatments, which tend to be just as ineffective as the previous ones. The only thing that seems to be improving is their profit margin.

In fact, has reported that in 2011 alone, the vitiligo therapeutics market is worth over $1.4 billion! This is estimated to reach over $2.7 billion in the next few years, which means this lucrative industry is going to almost double their revenue.

Vitiligo Treatment at Home

After countless hours of research, I felt a sense of responsibility to inform as many people as I can that there are better alternatives for treating vitiligo. Natural styles of vitiligo treatment that does not involve expensive medical procedures or medication.

What Many Medical Doctors Forget to Tell You

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but your doctor may not be telling you everything.

Did you know that for each patient that your doctor treats for vitiligo, he/she could potentially make an additional $2k – $4k per year?

So what exactly does this mean?

It means that vitiligo patients are one of the most profitable patients that a doctor can have…

The good news is that you have a choice.

The bad news is that a natural cure for vitiligo is nothing “new” or “advanced”.

As a matter of fact, scientists have published countless on how to cure vitiligo (sometimes within weeks) using only natural extracts, herbs, and nutrients.

But here is the really shocking part…

These reports were published all the way back in the 1980’s and 1990’s:

Bedi KL, Zutshi U, Chopra CL, et al. Picrorhiza kurroa, an ayervedic herb, may potentiate photochemotherapy in vitiligo. J Ethnopharmacol . 1989;27:347-352. More info:

Jin QX, Wj M, Zs D et al (1983). Clinical efficacy observation of combined treatment with chinese traditional medicine and western medicine for 407 cases of vitiligo. 12:9–11 More info

Several of these reports show how a single herb and vitamin could instantly stop the spread of vitiligo in its tracks and reverse the process within a few weeks… without any observed side effects.

You’re probably thinking right now that such a big finding like this would have been all over the news stations, right? Well, this simply isn’t the case.

It didn’t make sense to me either, at first, until I came to an ‘aha’ moment. This was the realization that big pharmaceutical and medical companies are predominantly driven by profits and margins. And as important as you mimght think you are to them, you are just NOT their first priority.

The Truth About The “Latest Cutting-Edge” Treatment

Have you ever been curious why new and more expensive drugs are always being designed, yet they are still so limited in terms of effectiveness? And it even requires you to take them every day, year after year…

I can speculate on one thing, that’s for sure. It’s a pretty good formula for long-term and ever-increasing profit margins.

A quick example of shameless, large-scale profiteering is the prescription of Statins.

Statins has been loosely prescribed to just about anyone, even those with only borderline high cholesterol. It’s not a very effective drug, unless you are taking them for the side effects.

And here’s the catch 22. Once you start to take it, you have to keep taking it for the rest of your life. Surprised?

What to Do Next

Just like with any other treatment, vitiligo treatment is not that different. There’s only going to be a small percentage of medical professionals, or even people within the industry, that will encourage you to try natural options first before diving deep. Especially when the natural route will only cost you tens of dollars worth of supplementation and a bit of time out of your daily routine to execute, instead of the hundreds or thousands that you could be paying to try out their new “cutting-edge” procedure.

I hope that by reading this article, you will make a conscious effort and decision to go out and seek more information on your own.

I recommend each and every one of you to do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. Don’t take what I say, or what the large industries tell you, at face value. You owe it to yourself to learn the truth.

For more information about natural vitiligo home treatments and what the medical industry may be keeping from you, the go-to guy is Michael Dawson, an independent nutritionist, biomedical researcher, and author of the eBook “Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.” He has been working endlessly in the past few years to expose the unscrupulous tactics of the medical industry and to bring awareness to the fact that there are other options that do not require you and your money to part ways.

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