Try Yoga For Depression Relief!

YogaAre you familiar with yoga? I’ve found practicing yoga to be quite effective for relief of depression symptoms. Many people have found that practicing yoga can ease the suffering from many illnesses, including the symptoms.

The postures, breathing exercises and meditation act to unify the mind, body and spirit.

It will improve your physical fitness, reduce stress and helps create an overall sense of well being.

It allows you to heal yourself through its teachings.

I’ve tried yoga several times.

Actually not regular yoga, but hot yoga where you go to a class and perform poses and stretches for 90 minutes under 100 degree Fahrenheit heat.

I have found it difficult to go regularly, as it is quite challenging, but after I am finished one of these classes I feel amazing!

I had a strained ligament in one of my knees that had been bothering me for about ten months, and after three classes it felt so much better that I was able to run without pain or restriction.

I am not kidding about this!

Yoga improves blood circulation throughout your body and I suspect that the improved circulation to my joints caused this dramatic improvement. It also made my back muscles and spine feel very relaxed which felt really good.

A book about yoga and depression that seems to be very popular with good reviews (I haven’t actually read it myself) is “Yoga For Depression” by Amy Weintrub. Another book worth checking out is “Destroy Depression” by James Gordon.