Zenmed Treatment For Acne – Review

Some acne treatments promise the world and simply do not deliver. Zenmed Acme treatment is not one of these products. Zenmed treatment is a three step process that is somewhat meticulous, but absolutely worth the attention to detail.

The Zenmed treatment combines the scientifically proven ingredients salicylic acid and witch hazel, both of which have been proven quite effective in the treatment of acne. Other ingredients seem a bit cosmetic — milk thistle, yarrow root, rosemary, among others. They are often used in other cleansers, but seem to serve more a marketing purpose than anything — to make buyers feel they are buying a “natural” product. These natural ingredients do give the treatment a somewhat unpleasant smell. However, the scientifically proven ingredients are the active ingredients, which is reassuring.

The process for using Zenmed is threefold: cleansing, treating, and preventing. This would seem to be a complete system; however, their prevention system consists of swallowing a tablet as well as topical treatment. No company has been able to prove that they have been able to prevent acne from the inside out, and Zenmed is no exception. However, the topical cleansing and treating system does clear up the skin a lot, and though one of the active ingredients is salicylic acid, does not dry the face out.

Though the company does not offer free trials like many other products on the market, they do offer a refund if the product does not work. Zenmed also includes a moisturizer with their system that is quite effective in treating topical areas after the cleansing phase. One month of treatment costs US$100.

Conclusion: While pricey, Zenmed is worth the money.