Zeno Acne Treatment Review

ZENO devices, produced by ZENO Corporation, are a unique acne treatment solution that uses heat to fight existing conditions and prevent future breakouts. ZENO makes two different devices: the ZENO Hot Spot for blemish control and the ZENO Heat Treat for blemish prevention.

The ZENO Hot Spot

ZENO Hot Spot’s heat is gentle and controlled by an internal computer, so that it is hot enough to kill bacteria but never hot enough to hurt the user’s skin. The handheld device claims to be powerful enough to provide visible relief from blemishes in just one hour, with two to three treatments providing complete elimination of most acne blemishes. ZENO’s clinical tests showed that 90% of pimples cleared within one day.

ZENO Heat Treat

The ZENO Heat Treat is a patent-pending product developed to prevent future breakouts. It combines the strength of the Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Treatment with the gentle penetrating heat of the Heat Treat Device to kill more than 99% of acne-causing bacteria. It is gentle enough to be used up to three times a day.

The Benefits of Zeno

ZENO is all-natural and will work with your existing regimen. It uses only a mild heat to kill the bacteria within the blemish, so there is no risk of drying or skin irritation. Best of all, ZENO works quickly, with results being seen in as little as an hour, and full relief coming as quickly as a day.

Who Shouldn’t Use ZENO?

ZENO is FDA approved for use with mild to moderate conditions, but it will not work for people with blackheads or whiteheads or more severe cystic acne.